Which shoes would you like to find under your tree this Christmas?

As this will be my last “proper” post before I head off for the holidays, I thought I’d try and track down a super-shoe: a shoe amongst shoes, the type of shoe that would make you all gasp in wonder and then fall to the floor in amazement at its beauty.

Sadly, that shoe just doesn’t exist, and if it did, you just know it would cost more than the national debt, don’t you? It’s just not possible to find one shoe to rule them all that every one of us will love unreservedly, so instead I’m going to let you do the choosing, and imagine you can ask Father Christmas for any shoe in the world this Christmas, money no object. Which pair would you choose?

To answer the question for myself, I’m going to be boring and go for Christian Louboutin’s Feticha pumps in red, simply because they’re the perfect red pump, and if I owned them I’d never have to buy another pair of red shoes ever again. (Yeah, sure…) But enough about me: what about you? What’s the number one shoe on your Christmas list?

So I’m going to let you guys decide: which shoes would you like to find under your tree?


  • Denise says:

    Oh, I want so many… I think I have to say some shoes from Kurt Geiger… but I have so many on my list, no, don’t make me choose! :-) These Louboutins are really fantastic!

  • Momo says:

    Oh! I’m truly in love with these red Fetichas!!
    In my xmas wish list i asked for 7 pairs of shoes: the Abraham ankle boots froma Asos (bought yesterday), a pair of Icone’s metallic silver t-bar in sale from my boyfriend, a Sergio Rossi’s classic stilettos (in peach pink *O*) from my parents, 3 pairs of Casadei vintage shoes (new old stock, they were only 20£ a pair!! Life’s good!!) from me, super heeled grey boots from my sister, ad a furry decollete 😀 ahahahahhaha
    I Love Shoesmas!!


  • Stef says:

    I’m gonna be odd and say either these http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_24139-85-1527_Demonia—Demon-29-Shoe-(Black).htm or these http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product2_25422-85-2059-39222_New-Rock—710-S3-Boot.htm both are gorgeous but so damn expensive!

  • Katy says:

    For me? definitely these: http://www1.schuh.co.uk/purple-irregular-choice-oz-yo-go-jello/1158433660/ Perfect antidote for grey days! 😀

  • Siel says:

    I love these:
    so cute :)

    Happy holidays!

  • Katie says:

    I’d have to ask for the Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace boots. Those would be my ideal winter boots, so Christmas would be the perfect time to ask for them.

  • Tracey says:

    Almost any shoes under the tree would make me happy, as long as they had those telltale red soles :)

  • Rebecca says:

    I’d go with those grey Westwood/Melissa pumps with the ankle straps and great big buckles.

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