Gold ‘Charmed Life’ shoe boots from Poetic Licence

Never has a piece of footwear looked more like a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift…

These Poetic Licence shoe boots are gold and shiny, and they even come with a little bow on the top. Would they make you feel like you were living a “Charmed Life” if you found them under the tree this year, though (It’s OK, I’ll be stopping the Christmas references soon)? Well, I always say that gold is the perfect neutral for a party shoe, but whether you feel like you can make these work is obviously up to you. If you do, though, you can click here to buy them from Modcloth. is updated every week day with new shoes and fashion picks. Please follow me on Bloglovin' or Twitter to make sure you never miss a post!


  • Reply December 14, 2010


    Mmhhh… maybe interesting, but I wouldn’t buy them…

  • Reply December 15, 2010


    Oooh, me like!

  • Reply December 15, 2010

    Mitr Friend

    May be without the bow, it might be kinda ok!!!

  • Reply December 17, 2010


    I don’t have any gold shoes…

  • Reply December 18, 2010


    To me the bow looks out of place.

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