Jean Charles de Castelbajac Bambi court shoes

Jean Charles de Castelbajac is know for his eccentric, and often wacky designs, and this season the designer has been busy celebrating the magic of Disney in general, and Bambi in particular, hence the existence of these shoes, which come complete with a face, ears and tail. I actually thought they were supposed to be foxes, or little dogs at first: such is the difficulty of turning a baby deer into a court shoe – and trust me, that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d type.

Now, clearly these shoes are designed for those who don’t take themselves too seriously, and who’re happy to endure endless questions about why they’re wearing two little animals on their feet. Oh, and for people who have £520 to spend on what is essentially a novelty item.

Are they designed for you, then? Click here to buy them if so…


  • Reply November 10, 2010

    Shoes not blues

    Turning baby deer into court shoes, isn’t that exactly what kidskin shoes are? Made from deer babies? Fawns? Or, is kidskin made from baby goats? Oh, dear!

  • Reply November 10, 2010


    God no, they’re hideous.

  • Reply November 11, 2010


    They look like foxes to me too! I think they’re adorable, but I’m not sure if I could justify buying them at that price.

  • Reply November 15, 2010

    Mitr Friend

    Looks fun!!! But at that price, no ways!!!!!

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