Strange Shoes: Kobi Levi’s unique footwear designs

Strange Shoes: Kobi Levi’s unique footwear designs

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Do you consider your shoes to be a work of art? Designer Kobi Levi (view his website here) definitely does: I couldn’t find a retail source for the shoes in this post, and it would take a much braver women than me to actually wear any of them, but if you like your shoes to be as “different” as it gets, read on…

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  1. I kind of love the puppy ones and the slingshots, but the naked woman ones and the double-footed ones are way too “out there” for me.

    The tongue ones are just ugly. You have to be looking at the opening to the shoe to even know it’s a tongue, and when you’re wearing them, that would be impossible, right? Never mind the lump on the toe that’s supposed to be a nose(?).

  2. I must say I love the bubble gum heels! There’s a picture on his site of them being worn, and I laughed out loud. I would love to see something like walking down the street!

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