Black Victorian lace-up boots from Miss Selfridge

Black Victorian lace-up boots from Miss Selfridge

The Victoriana look never seems to go out of style, and it’s not hard to see why: there’s just something very elegant about this look, isn’t there? These Miss Selfridge lace-front boots are probably going to be one of the more affordable variations on this particular style this winter, at £80, although you may want to set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual to allow for some “lacing up” time. A big advantage of those laces, however, is the fact that they’ll make the leg-width reasonably adjustable: good news for all of us who struggle to find boots that are the perfect fit for our calves!

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  1. If you look closely, there’s a zipper on the inside. :) (Go to the website and use the zoom mode)

    I agree that they are lovely. And I already have some very similar lower ones…

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