Heroes or Villains: Harajuku Lovers ‘Dobson’ bow-tie boots

Heroes or Villains: Harajuku Lovers ‘Dobson’ bow-tie boots

harajuku-lovers-dobsonIt’s been a long time since we had a ‘Heroes or Villains’ post here, so rather than telling you what I think of Harajuku Lovers’ ‘Dobson’ boots – which look like they’re wearing a shirt and tie – I’m going to let you tell me.

Are they shoe heroes, or are they villains of the footwear world? Place your vote in the poll below, and don’t forget to tell me the reasons behind your vote!


  1. I bet you’re torn between the presence of a bow and the “peep-toe boot”-ness! Though I’d say they’re almost shoes (or even not quite boots).

    They’re not what I’d wear personally, but otherwise my feelings are neutral about these.

  2. Love them — they remind me of when Cruella DeVil went “good” at the beginning of 102 Dalmatians (with Glenn Close).

  3. Oh if only they weren’t peep-toed… I’m a sucker for two-toned shoes and can imagine these in my closet… but, alas, the pep-toe of doom :(

  4. love them, they are a little like the louboutin esotoria ankle boot!! where can i buy them online in th uk to have for monday to wear to my xmas party???????

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