Polka dots and bows platform shoes from New Look

polka-dot-bow-platform-shoeAaargh! What devilment is this! With one shoe, New Look have managed to tap into two of my shoe weaknesses – three if you count the fact that they come in green, and I love green. Four if you count the fact that they also come in red, and I… you get the picture.

The two shoe weaknesses of which I speak are, of course, bows and polka dots, and here they are together on these platform sandals.  No, they’re not the most sophisticated shoes you’ll ever own, but it’s summer (just play along with this if you’re in the UK, OK?) and these are a whole lot of fun. They’re also only £25, so you could get two pairs. Maybe three.

BUY: Spot and bow platforms, £25


  • Sandy says:

    I saw these today and had to do a wide circle around them lest they pulled me in with their spottyness. I was already wearing a red polka dot skirt, people would think me a dotty nut if I went for spotty shoes too.

    Just as well there’s online though eh?! haha!

  • Natasha says:

    No, a bit too cartoonish for me…

  • Tracey says:

    I kinda like them. And I like to spend a nice round number when I shop so let’s face it, four pairs are required.

  • Nina says:

    The bow, the polka dots, the PEEP TOE!! Three of your shoe weaknesses :) (Mine, too. Want.)

  • Anna says:

    I really like them. They’re so dotty and awesome. I think I want some.

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