Casadei suede slingbacks with horn heel

Casadei suede slingbacks with horn heel


Somewhere between a wedge and a stiletto, these Casadei horn heel shoes didn’t appeal to me at first, but the more I look at them, the more I like them. The pink suede uppers, naturally, are right up my street, and while I didn’t like the heel at first glance, I think it offsets the girlieness of the uppers rather nicely, and it’s also very usual.

I’m still not totally convinced, but they’re definitely growing on me. If they’ve grown enough on you that you want to buy them, they’re £479, and you can get them here.

What do you think of them?


  1. That suede is sooooooooo beautiful, but you just know it’s one of those shoes you wear once and then cry forever because every little speck of dirt shows. I think they’d get ruined the first time you walked out of the house in them… And they’re not exactly cheap.

  2. Absolutely hate them. Sorry. I think I’m more shoe-conservative than I would like to think!

    (love the suede though. And the colour. And the bow… it’s just those heels!!!)

  3. Think they’re awful. Not sure whether the designer wanted to make a shoe or soft furnishings for a texas ranch.

  4. i love these. i think the color works really nicely with the horn, and i like the shape of the heels :) i’d totally rock these… with what, i’m not sure, but still.

  5. They’re beautiful, but it’s been said, I’d be afraid of ruining them. I’m not good at caring for shoes. I’m the type of girl who walks on the grass and steps in a puddle rather than dodging it. I prefer shoes a little less fussy.

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